"As Marian the librarian, Siri Howard uses her spectacular soprano voice to ace the many well-known hit songs she sings. She is an able foil for Professor Hill. This show is worth seeing just for the remarkable performances of Howard and [Matt] Loehr."

  - Sally Applegate, Herald News

"Howard, who is terrific throughout, brings a wistful, yearning quality to Marian’s waltz, 'Goodnight, My Someone.' Later, the glow of romance suffuses Loehr and Howard’s duet on 'Till There Was You.’'"

  - Don Aucoin, Boston Globe

"Siri Howard also shines as Marian with her phenomenal soprano voice."

  - Michael Hoban, Theatre Mirror

"Siri Howard 
as Angel stands out from the first time to the last time she is on stage and gives a memorable performance of 'Hard Candy Christmas.'"
  - Natasha Ashley, BroadwayWorld.com


"Howard fills Hodel with passion..."

  - TheatreSensation.com

"The honey-voiced trio of Tevye's elder daughters captures the simplicity and strength of each of the girls... Siri Howard is a bright-eyed, idealistic Hodel..."

                                                                                             - BroadwayWorld.com

"Howard possesses a melting soprano with a secure top that shines..."

                                                                                             - TalkinBroadway.com

"Cosette (Siri Howard) is lovely as the shy and sheltered girl who struggles with being so isolated. Her voice is so pure and amazing that each time she reached the end of 'A Heart Full Of Love' tears came to my eyes."

                                                                                             - BroadwayWorld.com

"...'Cosette' (played by the lovely Siri Howard) appeared as an antique porcelain doll come to life. My only complaint was that I wish Howard had more to do but that is generally the case with any talented actress in the role of Cosette."

                                                                                                   - Huffington Post

"The ethereally beautiful Siri Howard is perfect as the adult Cosette..."

                                                                                          - Boston Events Insider